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See them on the bar at River City Casino's Beerhouse 1904!

RBM Names Seat Saver in 2009's Top 50 Ideas

Best Bar None
Bartenders are busy enough without having to police seats for customers who have stepped away to smoke a cigarette or use the restroom. That’s where the Seat Saver comes in...

SS Named Top 50 Ideas of 2009

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Seat Savers Win Gold Addy Award

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Seat Savers win Gold Addy Award

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Digital City

Next time you leave your bar stool to use the potty, you may find yourself thanking Danny Lane
and Eric Tecosky. These two men have invented...

Media Life

Newest bar thing: Seat Saver Coasters. With smoking bans now prevalent in about 70 percent of U.S. cities, it's not
unusual to see bar patrons covering still-full drinks...

Bacardi Jumps Aboard

Bacardi co-brands Seat Savers
at such Hollywood hot spots
as Good Luck Bar, El Carmen and Jones
Hollywood. Bacardi Coco and Corzo
are featured on Seat Savers.


ss cheers

"When patrons leave the bar for a moment-either to make a call, or visit the rest room-all they need to do is place The Seat Saver coaster right on top of their cocktail, wine or beer." Click for full article.


"What to do to hold your spot, when you need to step out for a smoke, take a call or use the facilities? The Seat Saver solves the problem." Click for full article.


"The needs of customers, bar owners and advertisers are all being met with Seat Savers." Click for full article.


"A coaster sells its message for an average of 30 minutes and is exposed to five customers while it sits under a drink. The Seat Saver receives twice the visibility." Click for full article.

Spring 2009

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Better for customers + Better for venues + Better for advertisers = Better for Business.

Supports Staff

The staff at a busy bar or restaurant has enough to worry about without having to save customers seats or replace lost drinks.

The Seat Saver does its job, so the staff can do theirs.

Satisfied Customers

People go out to relieve stress, spend time with friends and enjoy a night on the town. The last thing they want to do is argue with other patrons over stolen seats or flag down bartenders over missing drinks. The Seat Saver is the most natural way to alleviate these headaches.

Strengthens Brand

Having the ability to work above and below the drink, The Seat Saver offers greater visibility than the traditional coaster. This ensures that the message of the advertiser will be seen by a larger percentage of its target audience. Brands will also benefit by all of the visual play generated when customers interact with the new product.


Bars have sleeves and sleeves of coasters in storage. When they run out at the bar, they pick the first sleeve available (with no loyalty to brand). To help ensure they pick your brand, offer them a better coaster. Something new. Something hip. Something multi-functional.

The Five S's of The Seat Saver:

Offer them The Seat Saver. The coaster that won't collect dust in storage.